Hon. Marc Berman, Assemblymember & Palo Alto City Council (former)

Hon. Tom DuBois, Palo Alto City Council

Hon. Heidi Emberling, PAUSD Trustee and Board President (former)

Hon. Sid Espinosa, Palo Alto Mayor (former)

Hon. Eric Filseth, Palo Alto Vice Mayor

Hon. Adrian Fine, Palo Alto City Council

Hon. Terry Godfrey, PAUSD Trustee

Hon. Julie Jerome, PAUSD Trustee and Board President (former)

Hon. Liz Kniss, Mayor of Palo Alto

Hon. Lydia Kou, Palo Alto City Council

Sue Monk, Vice Chair Planning & Transportation Commission, Palo Alto

Hon. Nancy Shepherd, Palo Alto Mayor (former)

Hon. Camille Townsend, PAUSD Trustee and Board President (former)

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Stacey Ashlund

Hon. Margaret Abe-Koga, Mountain View City Council & Mayor (former)

Hon. LaDoris Cordell, Superior Court of California (retired), Palo Alto City Council (former)

Thida Cornes, Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Mountain View (former)

Hon. Susan Ellenberg, San Jose Unified School District Board Member

Hon. Jerry Hill, California State Senator

Hon. Mike Honda, Former U.S. Congressman & Educator

Ellen Kamei, Environmental Planning Commissioner, Mountain View

Hon. Kirsten Keith, Menlo Park City Council & Mayor (former)

Hon. Sally Lieber, California State Assembly member (former)

Hon. Shelly Masur, Redwood City Council & Redwood City School Board President (former)

Hon. Thea Selby, City College San Francisco Trustee

Hon. Nancy Hirstein Smith, Sunnyvale City Council

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Stacey Ashlund

Peter DeMarzo, Professor, Stanford

Svetlana Gous

Rachael Kaci

Margaret Kim, Professor and Non Profit Leader

James Landay, Professor, Stanford

Julie Lythcott-Haims, Stanford Dean of Freshmen (former), Best-selling Author

Lindsay Rawitscher

Jen Sullivan

Susan Tachna

Star Teachout

Julie Williams

Jennifer Winters, Director, Bing Nursery School, & Lecturer, Stanford Dept of Psychology

Esther Wojcicki, Founder, Palo Alto High School Media Arts Program

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Cari Templeton

Jill Asher, Executive Director, Magical Bridge Foundation

Christine Case-Lo, SELPA 1 CAC Co-chair, Founder Learning Challenges Committee, Founder Parent Legislative Action for Education

Lori Cunningham, Cupertino USD Board (candidate)

Gregg Fleisher, Chief Academic Officer, National Math & Science Initiative (former) & Advisor to

Hene Kelley, Chair of the Disabilities Caucus of the California Democratic Party

Michelle Kraus, Member, National Advisory Council STEM Education

Titi Liu, Director, International Public Interest Initiatives at Stanford Law

Annie Morgan, Parent of special needs child and Secretary of SELPA 1 CAC

Michelle Parker, San Francisco District PTA President (former)

Amy Pearl, Emerge America Board Chair

Angelica Ramos-Allen, President, National Women's Political Caucus of Silicon Valley

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Cari Templeton